Exedy Stage 2 Kupplungskit Toyota GR Yaris 21+

Produktinformationen "Exedy Stage 2 Kupplungskit Toyota GR Yaris 21+"

EXEDY Stage 2 Sports clutch kits are designed to handle the abuse of high power modified engines whist retaining adequate driveability. The cerametallic friction material can handle much more abuse than stock type disc assemblies without slipping or fading. All EXEDY Stage 2 cerametallic clutch discs have sprung center dampers to reduce the impact and shock loads transmitted through the drivetrain.

Main Benefits

A reduction of 10% inertia over the original equipment part.
Up to a 40% increase in torque capacity over standard.
Approximately 40% higher clamp load than the standard clutch.
Suitable For

Track Day
Circuit Racing
Time Attack
Drag Racing
Clutch Cover

Single Series clutch covers are designed to achieve a clamping load that is approximately 40% higher than the genuine part enabling a higher torque capacity. Ductile material is used for all pressure plates and high burst strength can be achieved in all temperature ranges.

Clutch Disc

Manufactured using a unique metallic configuration and low density metallic material, T5001 Carbonrich, S-Type cerametallic discs are designed to be light weight; inertia is 10% lower than the genuine part. Stage 2 Sports discs have excellent heat dissipation characteristics.

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